Are you searching for ways to save money by reducing wasted energy use? Here are ten energy saving tips you may not have considered.  Energy savings is dependent on your usage, so results will vary from household to household.  Please consider sharing your unique energy savings methods.


Lower the water temperature in water heater, especially if you must run cool water to balance the temperature of your hot water for comfort. Stop paying to heat water just for the chance to cool it down when needed.


Keep your freezer and fridge full.Freeze water in jugs and bottles to fill emptyspace. It requires less energy to refrigerate a full freezer or fridge.


Reduce flow rate of hot water when in use, either manually or via aerator.This will offer two-fold savings via a lower water bill and a lower energy bill.


When drying clothes, add light synthetic fabric (like exercise clothes) to the dryer cycle.They will decrease the dry time of heavier clothing. Remove heavy cotton items, such as towels, sweats, and jeans to be air dried.Unclump all items prior to starting the cycle.


Cook with lids to decrease cook time and keep the kitchen cooler.


Study your lights for a week. Then replace bulbs in the most frequently used fixtures with high efficiency LED bulbs.


Start cooking frozen food in the microwave, then move it to the oven.Use the same method for baked potatoes. This will reduce overall cook time.


Cook favorite dishes in larger quantities, freeze the extra in dated and labelled freezer bags. Doing this will help lower the amount of energy needed to keep your freezer cold, it will save you valuable time, and save energy in the preparation of the saved meal.


Air dry your dishes instead of using heated dry cycles.Plan the cycle so the dishes dry over night while you are sleeping.


Change your filters often with the cheap fiber glass toss away type.Unless you have allergies, the costlier filters restrict air flow as a byproduct of filtering the air better. The restricted air flow makes your HVAC work harder.


What energy savings techniques do you use?


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