You've decided to sell your house, chosen a Realtor, reviewed the CMA, performed last minute repairs, signed a list agreement and now the showings are ready to begin.  You’ve considered everything possible to market your house properly, but feel like you may have missed or forgotten something.

     Wouldn’t it be great to make a personal connection between the buyers and your home?  Here are 5 simple ways to improve the appeal of your home. They cost little to nothing.  More importantly, they convey your concern for the buyer.  They will leave an impression of your thoughtfulness toward them and ultimately about the care of your home.

            First, let the light shine.  Open every shade and blind and curtain as wide as possible.  Leave all the lights on, even the one over the stove, the front porch light, and the closet lights. If you will be gone all day, ask your agent to see the lights are turned off.

            Second, your agent advised you to declutter and you did.  Do more.  Put even more stuff away, in boxes, drawers, etc.  Less is more. Your buyer will appreciate this and be better able to imagine their lives in your space.

            Third, set the coffee pot on a timer and brew a pot for the showing.  Coffee smells great and you can even invite them to enjoy a cup.

            Leave a radio on a classical radio station.  I have seen owners use their televisions for this with music channels.  It sets the mood, shows you are engaged, and leaves a good impression.

            Lastly, leave some fresh cut flowers on the table and a handwritten thank you note for showing your house.  The message is personal and will connect with the buyers.

            The overriding theme is that you have spent time thinking of the buyer.  Most sellers will be doing what comes naturally, thinking of themselves. You can be distinct by doing the opposite. Make a connection, make an impression.  It is an exercise is good manners, but will go a long way to letting buyers know you are thinking of them and want them to consider buying your home.

Bobby Jankovic, Broker/Owner

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