Sometimes people have to sell their home.  Jobs transfer, families grow, incomes fall, deaths illness occur; each can necessitate having to sell your home. For the rest of us the decision is far less certain. When is the right time? What are the indicators? Here are 5.

     Growth of family is coming.  Either with the addition of young ones, or a parent, the layout and size of your home may pose constraints.  If you cannot modify or add to existing space it may be time to list your house for sale.

     Likewise, your children will grow and move out. Some people will keep the house for returning children and visitors, but eventually many will decide that a smaller house is needed.

     Are your children going to be going to the best schools? This can be a major influence.  Often there is redistricting of subdivisions from one school to the next.  Your child might be in a decent elementary school about to head into a dreaded middle school. 

      Are you too far from work?  Is the cost of the commute eating away at your disposable income?   Move closer to work and increase your cash flow and also your free time to be with your family, get more exercise, or enjoy a hobby.

      Is there a change in zoning or nearby construction coming that you are uncomfortable with?  Or has there been new construction close by that has made the area less enjoyable?  Perhaps you need to move a little further from town to separate yourself and create distance.

      Older homes require more repairs and updating of systems.  This can be costly and time consuming.  At times it may seem like there will be no end to the repairs.  It might be time to correct all known material defects and list the property for sale to replace it with something newer.

   If you have to sell, I hope you were not caught off guard too badly.  Hopefully, you are in the position where you are wondering if you need to sell.  Changes in family size, schools, distance to work, rezoning, nearby new construction, an aging home: these are some indicators you might look for to help make the decision.

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