You may have considered buying or selling a home and not been clear about hiring a Realtor.  On top of one big decision you have another to make. What considerations are there if you decide to buy or sell?  Will a Realtor bring value to your transaction?  If so, how will the value display itself to you and what will that value look like in your day to day life as the transaction unfolds?  Below are 5 important aspects of value an experienced Realtor will bring to the table.

     First, experienced Realtors have extensive knowledge of the market they are working in.  As an active practitioner and professional your Realtor will have his/her finger on the pulse of the market and possess the most up to date trends and micro shifts in the market.  He/she will know if the phones have been silent for days or ringing off the hook.  Are homes sitting with no offers, or are their multiple offer situations?  Are buyers asking for closing costs?

    Second, Realtors have access to a highly relevant library forms that apply to most any real estate situation.  Realtors belong to local and state associations which develop these forms and continually revise them to better represent our clients.  Your Realtor can sit with you and go through the forms line by line to explain the meaning.  They will encourage you to consult an attorney if you have concern or confusion.

   Next, your Realtor has extensive experience and knowledge of the path a transaction takes.  They are skilled negotiators who advise you and provide a calm approach to an emotionally charged situation. They know when there may be time to sleep on it, or whether it is time to strike while the iron is hot.  They do cooperate with other practitioners, however, this is not at your expense.  Realtors always have their client’s best in mind as they guide you to make decisions.

        Also, Realtors value is amplified and multiplied by an extensive cooperative network.  What other job has competitors cooperating as Realtors do?  This reflects itself in the success of the MLS to which Realtors subscribe to share information. While most of this information is also shared with the public, our systems are very advanced and they are experts and reviewing it and providing it directly to you in a timely manner.

    Lastly, Realtors have an extensive network of service providers and other resources to recommend to you.  A real estate transaction can involve a dozen different service providers.  Taking the time to locate these individuals is burdensome and how can you be sure the provider you choose has what it takes to get the job done?  Why not utilize your Realtor’s rolodex?

     Realtors love their jobs.  At RE/MAX Capital our agents are deeply experienced and have vast knowledge of the local market.  Buying and selling real estate can be done alone, however, the value a Realtor brings to the table is unique, irresistible, and irreplaceable.  Consider contacting my office for a free consultation regarding your real estate questions.


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