After a month of heavier than average rainfall in Williamsburg, I thought of some advantages for conducting business on rainy days.  There are some clear insights a buyer can benefit only from viewing prospective homes on (or soon after) a solid rain event.  A serious client can be led by a experienced Realtor to view homes on rainy days with an added lens to spot defects, as well as well functioning systems.

    Material roof defects are most likely to be visible during these times.  Take the extra step of peaking in the attic, if you are able.

    Every house looks better on a sunny day.  If you look at a house under the worst weather and it still has appeal, then consider that a positive.  Things will only improve as the sun comes out.

   Large puddles may be indications of drainage problems.  While a puddle is not a red flag for a problem, take note of the locations of the puddles (especially close to the foundation) and look for other signs in those areas for possible repair issues.

   Properly working gutters are one of the best ways to prevent damage to a home.  If there are gutter issues on a rainy day, take note and examine in and around those areas for further repair issues.

    Wetness will highlight areas that need to be painted, or areas that have been spot painted.  Take a moment with an umbrella and walk the perimeter of the home, noting trim around porches, windows, doorways (especially french doors and sliders), and garages.

If you are planning to look at a home and it is raining cats and dogs, then call us at RE/MAX Capital.  We will show you a home rain or shine.

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