Purchasing a home is a complicated process that requires a thorough approach. Certainly, you must consider your needs and wants, those of your family, and others in your life.  In addition, it is wise to be more objective perspective. This can be done by thinking of the needs of others.

      This exercise brings issues to the table ideas that may have been previously unconsidered. By asking questions that are seemingly irrelevant to your situation you cover all of your bases.  In addition, you highlight important issues which may not seem critical. Examples of this exercise are below.

       If you don’t have children, or if your children are grown you should still analyze the area schools.  The schools will have value implications to you in the future as other buyers look at your home. Schools are often a make or break decision for buyers with school aged children.

       The house has a pool.  How many days of the year will it be open?  How many of those days will you swim in it?  Will others see it as a liability, a maintenance problem, a danger to pets or children?

       The home lacks a garage. While you may not mind, others might require one for their vehicle or equipment? 

       The master bedroom is on the first floor and other bedrooms are upstairs. While this might work for you, will others be uncomfortable separated from their children? Perhaps, yes.  Perhaps, not.

       Alternatively, there is no first floor bedroom in the home.  This could work for you, but perhaps others may like or need the convenience of a first floor bedroom for health reasons, preference, or age.

       The back yard is a wooded natural setting with no formal landscape.  You don’t mind, since upkeep and maintenance will require little of you.  Others may want a place to play with children or pets.

       As you are looking at homes for purchase, it is important to consider the wants and needs of others.  This will cause you to make a better, more informed decision. For qualified leadership in this area, it is important to interview more than one buyers’ agent and choose a Realtor who will highlight these, and other, issues as you navigate toward home ownership.

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