Brokerages look for creative ways to show appreciation for agents who achieve higher than average levels of sales production.  It is an important exercise for the broker, the agent, and the company.


     Brokers get creative and sometimes offer extravagant trips, cruises, automobiles, and other niceties to the higher producing agents.  This is an attempt at extreme appreciation.


   At RE/MAX Capital we have a very different philosophy; we aim for a simple endeavor. The agents and the broker are partners.  The broker shows the most appreciation possible by giving the agent as much of the commission back as possible.


    It is not fancy.  Nor is it complicated.  It does not come with an all you can eat buffet.  There is no umbrella for your tropical drink. 


   There is just more money for the agent.  The most money possible is returned from the broker to the agent.


   How is that?   Agents and the broker agree upon a commission cap.  The cap is a limit on what the broker can withhold.  It is a true partnership.  The broker is forced to explain exactly what the cap limit needs to be and why. 


   Trips are fun and flashy, but rather than a true expression of appreciation, they are placebos and pacifiers to appease agents who have over contributed to the brokerage bank accounts.


    At RE/MAX Capital we understand Realtors may like to travel to exotic locations.  But we  are more certain they would rather have the money in their hands to make financial decisions themselves. They would rather choose their own destinations, or to spend the money on pastimes, savings, college tuition, investments, or their business.


     RE/MAX Capital is a full service real estate brokerage, including property management, commercial and residential real estate.  We have offices in Williamsburg and Yorktown, Virginia. Please contact the broker for more information.




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